Set up an ICO

The hitherto successful crypto world is also a world full of uncertainty. This is because the digital assets are so volatile, that it becomes difficult to predict possible outcomes, or to predict when to invest. Cryptocurrencies are made for a variety of purposes, either as a hoarding agent or to withdraw money for ICRO projects. 2017 has been a great year for cryptocurrencies because many cryptocurrencies and ICO projects have been developed, which in turn means that there will be even more ICO projects.

Since the founding of ICOs, the concept has been widely criticized for there were cases of fraud and hacking, but that does not change the fact, that so many ICOs have been successful. With ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), you can raise money for projects based on cryptocurrency. That is why there are companies that have been using ICOs for years.

If you plan to launch a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO), you must follow certain rules. You do this so that your ICO does not raise alarm bells, instead attracting investors for the project. When setting up an ICO, you must adhere to the following important rules:

Idea and vision

There is no successful business that starts without an idea and a vision. You need the idea as a basis for solving problems.

Team and consultants

You can not just start an ICO, it is also very important to have a very good team that shares the same idea and understands the steps needed to achieve the goal. It is advisable to select team members who have worked on similar projects in the past, as this increases confidence in the project.

Product strategy

With an idea and a team of qualified team members, it is important to make smart decisions about the strategies used to implement and update the idea. These important decisions include the functionality of the product, the technology to be used, the ICO and token functions, the blockchain to be used and of course some other decisions.


The importance of a website cannot be emphasized enough for an ICO operation, as this is the source of information for potential investors who want more information about the project and the team members.

White paper and Step-by-Step plan

A white paper is a document that contains all the technical details of the project, including the problems the project wants to solve, the solutions, the product, the technology, the business plan, the token, the token distribution and detailed information about the team and consultatns etc. The step-by-step plan is an outline of the plans for the development of projects for the future and milestones to be achieved.


There must be a community building process and product marketing, to make the project known. There must also be a communication strategy, to share the vision with the public.

It is also important to get legal advice and support, to relise audits and smart contract codes, to release prototypes, etc. The main purpose of the ICO is to attract investors, so it is important to ensure that there are no doubts that could discourage them.

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What’s new in Vtiger 7

When Vtiger 6 hit the market several years ago, it was specifically designed to meet the business needs. This includes collecting and organizing customer-related information and making it available to companies. Due to the focus on functionality, the user-oriented design has been somewhat ignored.

Since the release of Vtiger 6, the team has been trying to improve the user experience of Vtiger. They had long held discussions with employees and managers about marketing, sales and customer support. For this reason, Vtiger’s user interface and navigation have been fundamentally changed to make them more useful and personal. The new design with a number of new and interesting features and enhancements has recently been released; Vtiger 7.

You will find that Vtiger 7 has many functions that make it a trusted and pleasant CRM experience. When you log in, you will be taken to a well-designed dashboard where the statistics, record lists and relevant graphs are displayed. The automation and modules still contain the functionality of Vtiger. Apart from that, the application experience is considerably different, compared to the database navigation, style and appearance of Vtiger 6.

To give you a good idea of ​​the new and improved Vtiger, we will discuss a few of the most important changes.

Modern interface

When you surf to Vtiger 7, you will be welcomed by a new login screen. The screen shows updates and news. It offers you a new user interface experience with the latest designs. So they offer you an experience that is simpler compared to Vtiger 6.

The update uses colors from the Material Design palette from Google. The user interface leads and lines are much clearer, so that you can concentrate on the most relevant and important information. This is also marked with other relevant data that forms CRM records.

Multiple dashboards

Another feature that you will encounter after logging in to Vtiger 7, is a dashboard with tabs. For most users, the “My Dashboard” tab is often all they need because they can use graphs and widgets to get an idea of ​​what’s relevant and important to them . There is also something for users who often work in different areas and want to track their progress individually. They can split widgets and ‘pinned charts’ based on the operational area. This will help to gain better insights and identify areas that need more attention.

Vtiger 7 offers you the option to include new dashboard tabs using the “More” menu. For example, a CEO using Vtiger 7 can maintain various dashboards to track customer support statistics and sales statistics.

New main menu

You can start navigating through Vtiger 7 via the menu. If you click on the menu icon, the main menu of the app is displayed. This will be divided into two separate sections. The first part contains various submenus, such as marketing, sales, support, inventory and projects. The other section contains the general settings and the general tools.

If you place your mouse on a submenu, a list of different related modules is displayed. You can customize them by simply removing, adding or re-arranging related modules.

Related module sidebars

Based on the specific submenu that you use to access a module, you see a sidebar with useful shortcuts to other relevant modules. This allows you to navigate to related modules faster and easier. For example, sellers who open their contacts through the sales submenu can navigate to quotes and opportunities in the sidebar shortcuts with a single click.

Useful record views

Although the record views in Vtiger 6 contain and organize group related information, Vtiger 7 further improves this system by improving the way you work with the records.

In this update, each record has access to the following functions:

  • Labels for search, free grouping, and query.
  • Customizable key fields and record headers.
  • Comments and their file attachments
  • A test summary for organizations, contacts and opportunities
  • Related records navigator

Other important functions

View calendar records

Tasks and events are not the only dates that are essential for the agenda; therefore, the calendar should not be limited to displaying only these items. With Vtiger 7 you can view all records that contain dates in the agenda. This means that you can choose to display customer birthdays, closing dates for events, or something else.

Colored selection lists

Selection lists in Vtiger 7 are much easier to control because of the color property settings that are available in the selection lists. Administrators can set a color when they create the list box or add values ​​to it. After a while, especially when users review their list boxes, different colors appear in the list selection phase.

Different downstream charts or tables that use the list boxes are also displayed. This makes it easier for users to distinguish one value from the other.

Create and edit

In various cases you want your users to have the privilege of creating records; However, you also want to prevent them from editing these records after they have been created.
With Vtiger 7 you can do exactly this, because it divides the creation and editing authority of the previous version into two different rights, namely creating and editing.

That is why it offers you the guarantee that regardless of the actions that users take, you can see all the operations via the record update tab.

Tags, everyone knows how important it is. Especially when it comes to finding a record. Private tags are only visible to the users who created them, while public tags are accessible to everyone.

With a great user interface and new enhancements and features, we are convinced that updating to Vtiger 7 will help you work smarter and faster, and that it makes the experience even more enjoyable.

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WordPress vs. Squarespace

Choosing between WordPress and Squarespace can be a difficult choice for most companies. This is because both platforms can help you develop functional and impressive websites. However, you still have to decide which is the better suitable for your needs. Therefore, we will highlight the differences between WordPress and Squarespace in order to help you choose the website developer that best suits your specific needs.

The learning curve and ease of use

WordPress offers you a multitude of possibilities and is a simple and powerful platform. This makes it ideal for both advanced and beginners. You can use it to start a blog or create an advanced and professional website. Although WordPress is easy to use and fairly intuitive, sometimes it can be quite complicated. To get started, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with WordPress concepts and understand the differences between concepts such as tags versus categories, pages versus messages as well as plug-ins and themes. Despite these concepts, most users can adapt relatively quickly.

Squarespace, on the other hand, does not offer many options. But the lack of choice makes the platform very easy to use. Even amateur and novice users can quickly develop and publish their content.

Adding videos, images and audio files is much easier compared to WordPress. The developer has an effective function for editing and dragging content. This makes it very easy to create new posts and pages, even for people who have not worked with websites in the past. Squarespace also has an in-depth and extensive library with many user manuals (text and video). That is why working with Squarespace is not very difficult.


With WordPress you can customize the website to your liking as it is an open source development platform. However, you need a powerful and suitable encoder. The free developers of plug-ins can help you with problems . If you buy premium plug-ins, you are entitled to ongoing support. However, they cannot guarantee that all your problems will be solved as the conflicts can be caused by other plug-ins.

Squarespace, on the other hand, is not an open source platform. Therefore, only the internal development team is responsible for creating tools. This means that all website development tools are created by a dedicated team. This ensures that the different tools are of the highest quality and work well together. These tools have been carefully tested and reviewed to ensure optimum performance.

Functions and design

The great thing about WordPress is its expandability. You can choose from thousands of paid and free plug-ins that allow you to add more features to the website. You can choose from advanced plug-ins for membership sites to simple social sharing plug-ins. Any kind of website can be developed with WordPress. In addition, WordPress offers numerous paid and free themes that can be installed on the website.

Squarespace is far behind in this area. You can choose from a very limited number of design templates. In addition, the site customization function allows you to edit only a few features. The same applies to plug-ins. It is difficult to extend the functionality of the website by installing external plug-ins.

Ongoing maintenance

WordPress constantly updates its platform to improve security and fix bugs. In the event of a new update, you will be notified by the WordPress Dashboard and you can update the WordPress version by clicking the “Update” button. When you update the version of WordPress, you also need to update the plug-ins and themes, which can sometimes be tricky. This requires a dedicated team or technician to manage the site, this will save you a lot of time.

Since Squarespace is not an open source system, all security and performance updates are managed. That way, you do not have to worry or click the Update button. The Squarespace team tests all updates and automatically implements them on your site. This can help to free up valuable time for more important things.

User support

In terms of user support, WordPress has a huge online community with an endless number of tutorials and resources to help you. However, finding relevant and good help is difficult because there is so much information. People ask many questions, many are answered and some are not. Also, many questions are answered, but not always effective. In some cases, the problem is not solved at all. In addition, it may take several days until answers are received.

On the other hand, Squarespace offers special support services throughout the day to answer all your questions. Squarespace offers 24-hour email support (within an hour), live chat (Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm), user guides (text and video), and online forum support. Because all tools are developed by the company itself, they take full responsibility for all issues and quickly resolve them, rather than shifting the responsibility or blame to other developers.


WordPress offers more flexibility and is very adaptable (if you are professional in programming). However, it requires more maintenance and is much more complicated. You also need to hire a programmer for your website management.

Squarespace is much easier to use because you do not need to be familiar with coding. It requires less maintenance and ongoing commitments in the long run. Plus, you get dedicated 24×7 user support, which leads to a timely resolution of issues.

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