Akeneo specialist

Web-Company is an Akeneo specialist. The design and installation of the Akeneo PIM is carried out from A to Z.

Benefits of Akeneo

Easy to use, easy to connect with external systems and open source.

When is a PIM interesting?

A PIM is particularly interesting if you have many products that you want to enrich and you don't have room for that within the ERP. In addition, you can manage different channels from one system, and easily import from external locations.

Akeneo linkage

We link Akeneo with ERP packages, suppliers and online stores.

Akeneo Package

Web-Company offers a standard package for the installation, configuration and hosting of Akeneo.

Akeneo package

per month
  • One-time set up fees 3500 euros
  • Installation and configuration of Akeneo on your own VPS
  • Including hosting
  • Including training
Case: Goos Horeca

Akeneo installation linked to AFAS. Products are imported from AFAS to Akaneo. These are enriched in Akeneo and sent to the online store. Also, a direct link for stock between AFAS and the online store.

Read more about this case here.

How do we work?

The process of building an
Akeneo installation looks like this:

Step 1

Make an inventory of wishes
We identify the wishes during the initial meeting.

Step 2

Based on the inventory, an online proposal follows

Step 3

Kick off meeting
The process is discussed with the project managers during the kick-off meeting

Step 4

Installation Akeneo
Akeneo will be installed at a test location

Stap 5

Set up Akeneo
Akeneo will be set up according to the specifications

Step 6

Extensive training for employees on how Akeneo works

Step 7

Akeneo PIM online!
The Akeneo installation is now online!

Step 8

Support and extensions
After going live there are adjustments or extensions. By agreement, an X amount of hours per month is reserved for you to expand the Akeneo PIM and to provide support.
Experienced Akeneo specialist

As Akeneo specialist we build as much as possible on the basis of existing Akeneo modules. In addition, it is possible to have custom work carried out such as:

Link to ERP

Link to suppliers

and much more …

More information

More information about building an Akeneo PIM?
Please contact us.