Akeneo hosting

Akeneo hosting requires specifically designed servers to function quickly. Various ways of caching and heavy hardware have been installed so that the Akeneo online stores run as fast as possible.

Akeneo managed hosting

The Akeneo hosting is completely managed. Web-Company maintains the operating system and ensures proactive monitoring.

Try 30 days for free

All Magento hosting packages can be tested for free for for 30 days. After ordering online, the package will be delivered within 30 seconds.

Akeneo installation, configuration and extensions

Web-Company is not only specialized in Akeneo hosting, but we also build Akeneo online stores. This means that you have both hosting, as well as set up and maintenance done by one party.

Akeneo managed hosting

All Akeneo hosting packages are provided with Varnish and Redis caching, a minimum of 12GB ram and 8 cores. Including monitoring, updates of operating system and support,

Akeneo VPS

An Akeneo VPS offers its own resources and maximum flexibility in the field of server software. The Akeneo VPS will be delivered within a few hours.

Akeneo hosting
at Web-Company

High performance

All servers are equipped, by default, with SSD and high-performance processors, as well as Varnish and Redis caching.

Extensive control panel

The settings for the hosting account can be set in the control panel. In addition, extra backups can be installed and restored here.

Akeneo support

Web-Company not only hosts Akeneo online stores but also builds them. This gives you a single point of contact for all Akeneo questions.

Extensive support

Questions about the Akeneo hosting? Our Akeneo experts are happy to help you further with Akeneo hosting or Akeneo code questions.

Get started immediately

Hosting packages are created immediately, after the order has been placed. You will receive the login details within 30 seconds.

24/7 monitoring

Extensive monitoring, we intervene in the event of an imminent disaster. Also, the operating system is provided with updates.
Why specific Akeneo hosting?

Because of the complexity of Akeneo, it is important that the servers are designed for this, both in terms of hardware and software. The servers at Web-Company are optimized for Akeneo hosting.
In the included control panel, you can set up everything yourself, such as creating e-mail addresses, creating and restoring backups, managing databases and much more.

More information

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