Have SaaS built
Have a SaaS built based on your wishes?

Extremely scalable

A SaaS project must be extremely scalable, so that the subscription can be sold worldwide.

Different packages

The SaaS model contains various subscription types.

Recurring payments

Monthly transactions fully automated.

Case: Pricewatch.online
This SaaS project is a dynamic repricing tool for online stores and brands.

Based on the pricing strategy chosen by the online store, prices are automatically given a different price to follow the market.

Read more about this case here.

SaaS functionalities

Every SaaS will be completely custom built.
The following applies to every SaaS:

Registration of users

New users can register themselves, an account is immediately created and the SaaS can be used immediately.

Trial period

An X amount of trial days for users to test the tool (free). The account will be terminated after the trial period.

Onboarding e-mails

After registration, the user receives an email every X amount of days with tips and tricks to use the system.

Recurring payments

A recurring payment provider is built in to ensure that payments run smoothly every month.

My account

Users can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscription at any time in their My account environment.


A user-friendly dashboard with the most important KPIs for your SaaS project will be custom-made.
What does the process look like?

The construction of a SaaS platform is completely customized.
This process looks like this:

Step 1

Make an inventory of wishes
We identify the wishes during the initial meeting.

Step 2

Functional design
Workflows and user stories are being developed.

Step 3

The design of the dashboard is being set up.

Step 4

The development of the SaaS platform begins.

Step 5

Project management
Project management for SaaS projects takes place using Scrum.

Step 6

Test phase
The SaaS is being thoroughly tested.

Step 7

SaaS online!
The project (MVP) goes online, the sale can start!

Step 8

Further development
The extensions to the MVP begins.

Step 9

Marketing starts in order to grow the MRR as quickly as possible.
Have SaaS project built

Every SaaS project is custom built.
A global overview of the minimum investment:

SaaS project

  • Tailor-made
  • A team of developers, project manager, QA employee and UX employee will work for you
  • Bi-weekly sprints
Case: Shopimporter.online
This SaaS project is an import tool for online stores.

This makes it easy for users to add new products to the online store. A PIM is also built in for easy management of the articles.