Goos Horeca - AFAS Akeneo


For Goos Horeca various AFAS links were realized using Magento.

An AFAS Magento link that keeps stock levels up-to-date and sends orders to Magento. In addition, by using Akeneo, an AFAS link was realized which imports AFAS products into, and enriches them in Akeneo.

Built for
Goos Catering
Akeneo, AFAS and Magento
Goos Horeca

AFAS - Akeneo

Automatic link between AFAS and Akeneo

Fast synchronization

Articles are synchronized with a short interval

Extensive link

Products from AFAS to Akeneo and stock updates between AFAS and Magento
Gijs Thiessens photo

Gijs Thiessens

Operations Goos Horeca
"Web-Company has designed an excellent link between Akeneo, AFAS and Magento for Goos. Together we have been able to develop the link to a high level rapidly, thanks in part to their knowledge of AFAS and fast response time."