- SaaS project is the tool where web retailers can apply dynamic repricing to the assortment. Articles are automatically loaded from the online store to Pricewatch.
Then the products of the competition are reviewed. The price is automatically calculated and adjusted in the online store according to the pricing strategy.
The platform is linked to Chargebee for automatic invoicing, onboarding and account creation.
Built for
SaaS projects


Web-Company has built a completely automated dashboard


The website is built in WordPress and linked to the dashboard


The explanatory video and the animation video explaining Pricewatch were developed by Web-Company

API links

Links with Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart, Shopify and various other online store systems


A new customer receives an email with tips every few days

Trial period

The user can test Pricewatch free of charge for 14 days

Web scraping

For the underlying technology Web scraping is used, among others


The user receives automated reports

Create strategies

A pricing strategy needs to be added, and specified for each item