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Opencart programmers

Do you work with Opencart and do you or your customer want to modify the online shop? Then we can support your project with the right Opencart programmer. The tasks that our Opencart programmers can perform are, among other things:

  • Setting up of Opencart
  • Modifying layouts and installing custom design
  • Installing Opencart modules
  • Updating Opencart version
  • Migrating from another online shop to Opencart
  • Linking with external systems via API
  • Developing customised Opencart modules
Temporary or permanent Opencart programmer?

You already have an Opencart programmer for 25 euros per hour on an outsourcing basis including the use of our project management system.

Need an Opencart programmer with you on-site for a longer period? Check our Secondment and Recruitment & Selection options.

Opencart support
[stm_info_box title=”Outsourcing”]From €25 per hour.
Akeneo programmers available immediately on-call for your project. Manage your programmer or team yourself. You will receive a weekly invoice for the hours worked with accountability.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box title=”Secondment”]Need an Opencart programmer on-site? Web-Company has several available Opencart programmers.[/stm_info_box][stm_info_box title=”Recruitment and Selection”]We find the right Akeneo programmer for you.[/stm_info_box]