Offer system
Your own offer website where visitors can request quotes for different services? We make it possible.

Target group

You can create an unlimited number of websites which you operate through one admin panel.


Quotations for plumbers, painters, movers, web designers, you can make it as comprehensive as you want. Your own offer website in just a few clicks!

Admin panel

On the admin panel, you can easily personalize the website for each target group.

The Web-Company offer system

Is a unique system that allows you to easily request offers for your customers. These customers can exchange credits to view the quotation request and to be able to send quotations.

The benefits of the offer system

The Web-Company offer system contains the following functionalities:

Request for quotation

Request a quote from different companies within minutes!

Company page

Personalized company pages with information about your company, reviews and vacancies.

Message center

Easily communicate with the customer through the message center.


After requesting a quote, companies can look at the customer's budget, location and work. In order to access the contact information of the customer, he must purchase credit. As an administrator, you determine how much this costs.


Instead of credits, a subscription can also be purchased. The rates are determined by the admin.

Clearly laid out and comprehensive admin panel.

Easy insight into total quotes, customers, companies and much more!
How does the offer system work?

The offer system explained step by step

Step 1

Request for quotation
The customer fills out a form and requests a quote

Step 2

Companies are notified
Companies receive a notification of the quotation request. They can see the work, location and budget.

Step 3

Companies respond to the customer
Companies that are interested, spend their credits and get the contact details of the customer

Step 4

Client gets in touch with companies
The customer gets in touch with the companies that have responded

Step 5

Assignment starts
The assignment starts according to the agreed time

Step 6

Assignment has been completed
The assignment has been completed according to the wishes of the customer

Step 7

Customer and company assess each other
Customer and company can assess each other in the final phase
Web-Company offer system

Below the rates for the offer system.

Offer system

license per month
  • € 4,295 once-off costs for design and advice
  • Including updates
  • Delivery time: 24 hours
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