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Exact Etsy linking

Do you use Exact Online and sell on Etsy? Then use the Exact Online Etsy linking!

The linking makes sure that the products are automatically imported to Etsy. This, along with the standard features of Etsy, saves a lot of time and links Exact Online with Etsy.

The Exact Etsy linking contains:

  • Synchronisation of items from Exact Online to Etsy
    This will automatically add items from Exact Online to Etsy

Customised Exact Etsy linking

Do you have specific requirements for linking Exact with Etsy?
Our Exact Consultant is happy to contact you to review the possibilities without any obligation.

Please contact us for Exact Etsy linking options. Or request a quick quote!

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  • Specialist in Exact linkings
  • Customised linking options
  • Standard linkings
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