Webshop integrations

The following Webshop integrations are available: Magento

Integration WooCommerce

Integration Lightspeed

Integration Shopify

Integration Shopware

Integration NopCommerce

Integration CCV Shop

Integration PrestaShop

Integration VirtueMart

Integration Myshop

Integration CS.Cart

Integration Ecwid

Integration Opencart

Integration Shoptrader

Integration Marketplace integrations

The following Marketplace integrations are available: Ebay

Integration Amazon



Other integrations

Other integrations: Akeneo

Integration Mailchimp

Integration Moodle

Integration Optiply

Integration integrations

Have a customized Integration built? Or make a choice from the standard Integrations? Web-Company is Integrations expert. A Integration can be custom built. Does your system offer the possibility to communicate via web services? Then we can establish the Integration with

The Integration works with the API. You can set the APi yourself, but you can also have this done by us so that we take care of the entire construction of the coupling.

For example, do you want to create debtors in an external system and have them shoot directly to Or do you have a web store and do you want orders from the web store to be booked directly in Then a Integration is a solution. This also makes it possible to synchronize the articles in with the web store so that duplicate input work is avoided. is often a leading system. This means that is always seen as the central place for all information. In a functional design, the information flows are mapped and it is indicated at what time which information should be sent from or to, or retrieved.

Every Integration can be set up by Web-Company, in every industry. Request a free quotation !

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